"I want you to invent me a 4D printer."

Anthony is an engineer with a week to come up with something. But if the fourth dimension is time, what would a real 4D printer look like? A time machine? A black hole?
What are the consequences of progress? Will he succeed or go insane?
... or has he already invented it?

Black comedy, physics and the creative process collide in this short sci-fi film.


Starring                             Written & Directed by Laurence Rosier Staines

Aaron J March                        Produced by Agnieszka Switala

Barry Conrad                         Director of Photography Pavel Trotsenko

Christopher Stollery                 Music & Sound Alex Wilson

Emily Morrison                       Editing Laurence Rosier Staines & Ryan O'Donnell

                                     Production Design Hugh O'Connor

                                     Graphic Design Shay Ho